These hats are in the style of the French Foreign Legion with a panel at the back to protect the neck. Covers ears as well so full coverage. See photo.
Medium fits children. Large to fit larger children or adults. Machine washable. Very durable. Cotton.
I made up far too many and have a surplus. Sizes, fabrics and quantity available are indicated below.
$6.00 each. Price quoted is wholesale. I am happy to sell them separately or in quantities. Take them all if you like to resell. With that price, there is room for you to make a profit.
Medium: Approximate head size 47 cm to 53 cm (18" to 21")
Stonewash Denim 6
Regular Denim 6
Dark green with purple flowers 8 (photo attached)
Purple Skateboarders 6 (photo attached)
Dark Horses 6 (photo attached)
Super Heroes 8 (photo attached
Large: Approximate head size 48 cm to 58 cm (19" to 23")
Stonewash Denim 12
Regular Denim 13
Dark green with purple flowers 6 (photo attached)
Purple Skateboarders 5 (photo attached)
Dark Horses 3 (photo attached)
Teddy bears in sweaters Beige 4 (photo attached)
Teddy bears in sweaters Dark 10 (photo attached)
Golf 5 (photo attached)
I apologize for the quality of some of the photos. Come see them if you wish to get a better look.