Ecoped City45 for sale. Body is clean no damages, still like brand new. No Insurance, Drivers Licence, plate or ownership/registration required.
Battery capacity is around 90%.. Which means (depending on your weight) you will cover around 40km with one charge (on a path with 2-5% incline ) I have tested it recently and I am 190 lbs + 25 lbs cargo and covered 35 km with no problem and could go further, I only pedaled to help it to accelerate from a full stop.
On a donwhill my max speed was 42km/h. Bike speed is limited to 32 km/h on a flat road. 2 of the attached photos are a screenshots from a GPS tracking device on a return trip, during that test I covered 28.5km with a full battery and I still had 30% battery left.
Range fluctuates because of differences in terrain, rider weight, weather, speed, and most importantly how much you pedal.
If you are a light person this bike can cover your daily commute. You can use bike paths and wont sweat on your way to work.
Technical Info:
Motor: 350W Running, 500W Peak
Battery: 48V 12Ah Lead Acid Rechargeable
Top Speed: 32km/h
Brakes: Front and rear drum with Electronic ABS
Storage: Removable locking compartment
Lights: Front, directional and rear halogen
Security: Wheel lock, ignition key-start
Distance per charge: Up to 60km/h. Distance may vary based on rider weight, road conditions and tire pressure.
Bike weight: 130lbs
Rider weight (with cargo): 275lbs
Colours: Graphite-Orange
Included: ECOPED City45 bike, user manual, charger and cables, side mirrors, storage compartment